Still Rambling

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Hello everyone!

I must admit when I first created this blog that I thought I would keep up with her it more. I mean, check out my snazzy background! I was committed for a solid week when I chose that cute background. However, I got busy and forgetful and couldn't keep up with the demands of grad school and life... let alone a blog. Despite this, I have realized that I need to begin writing down my ideas and experiences because I am not much different from a lot of other people. I recently went to San Antonio (maybe more about that later) and met a ton of awesome people in my field and realized that all of us graduate students are so much alike! Mind blown even though I shouldn't have been surprised. We are stressed and a little off our rockers trying to figure out how to make sense of being future professionals in the schools. I know that I have a terrible time balancing my fun time with work. I have tried to begin streaming my gaming to encourage me to have fun but it hasn't been as rewarding as I had hoped. So this leads me back to blogging, is the joy of just writing out my thoughts what I was looking for?