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Graduate school was a lot more complicated that I thought it would be. I thought I would have all of this time to spend for myself, or at least be able to be more flexible about my time, and it turns out that I was totally wrong. My first semester of graduate school was rough. Very rough. As in, I ended up going to counseling - rough. I'll try to talk more about that one later though. Point is, it's been a while and my poor blog started to collect dust as you all still kept checking in. It amazes me that I was even collecting page views in the past couple months.  Fortunately, the holidays are here and I have time to blog and give a wrap-up of the first semester of graduate school. I'm one step closer to becoming a school psychologist!

The past couple of months have been very eventful! A lot of drama, sweat, tears... but there were definitely some good moments with family and friends. I finally got the car of my dreams, thanks to my awesome parents, and I scored a few A's in my classes. For the first time ever, I got a 100 on an exam and I think I am really starting to narrow my thesis now!

Now that I have acknowledged that my blog has been collecting dust - I have an idea to prevent this from happening. Last week, my mom posted on Facebook an all-call for friends and family to send her their favorite nonfiction Christian literature. My mom has said for years that she wishes she would read more, and I think she is really wanting to read some of those nonfiction Christian classics like Mere Christianity (by C.S. Lewis).  I decide that this may be a spark for an idea for me and my blogging.  I have read all of the "greats" for the most part in the world of fiction, but I could use some good nonfiction in my life. I think I am going to make a list of books, using some of my mom's nonfiction list, and some books from the psychology shelves. Maybe start an online book club? My mom is pretty excited about her own list and wants to find others to read with her- definitely not a bad idea.

Cheesy webcam photo! I'm still a real person!


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