Political Reflection: Why can't I just be for America?

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For those who know me personally, you know that I am keeping tabs on the announcements for candidates running for president in 2016. I am one of those people who not only love politics, but I love citizenship and I feel like it is part of my American duty to this country to be aware of current affairs. I'm sure not everyone agrees with me, and honestly, I didn't even agree with myself until I voted in my first presidential election. 

Somewhere in the middle of undergraduate experience, I battled hard trying to decide where I lied on the political spectrum. Was I a Democrat? Republican? Libertarian? Green? Tea Party? Jeffersonian? (Jefferson is my favorite president, for the record.) I just couldn't figure it out for the longest time. Part of me wanted to stay connected to my grassroots, how I was raised and what I expected my parents to anticipate from me, and then part of me wanted to fit in with the "college crowd," which is mostly liberal. The 2012 presidential election was my first election that I could vote in and as it drew nearer, I felt more at crisis with myself of what party I identified with and where I wanted to stand on the issues. The closer to the election, the more I felt like I had to take a stance and commit myself to it for life. However, not before long, I realized that maybe it was best that I didn't try to commit myself to any one party. In the end, an epiphany came to me as to why I couldn't commit - I just wanted to be for America.

My college years was a great experience for me to develop my perceptions of life in a more political view. By practicing my citizenship through volunteer work, maintaining awareness of current national news and international affairs, and doing more research on the issues that matter most to me, I realized where I fit in on the political spectrum and also that not one candidate will ever fit MY platform. This is something that I think many people need to realize. As much as you love a politician/political party, it is likely that you'll disagree on at least one key issue and agree with other stances. 

According to the iSideWith Quiz (http://www.isidewith.com/political-quiz), I side mostly with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. I did not side with any Republicans and any of the big issues that are important to me. However, this was a huge lack of education questions, which is one of the more important issues to me. Regardless, these political quizzes are kind of interesting to take. I am usually surprised by where they place me. I consider myself to be socially moderate and economically liberal. Where do you stand? 


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