So what's the next crafty project?

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I recently posted about how I was painting a cooler... I'll be honest, it's really not quite done. I cannot decide on what to do with one of the sides. The background color is there but my creative flows are running dry as far as what to do with that cooler. Instead of haggling myself completely finish, I am going to start prepping for my next project: an Altered Book!

I have an old book from when I was in my first Latin class. I'm thinking that it will be great for altering since it is a sturdy hard-back and the pages are stitched into the binding. I came across an awesome blog titled Go Make Something  with some great advice and tips for prepping a book for altering. The link to the post that I used will be at the end.  I am totally stoked about my first altered book! I have already started ripping out pages with a ruler.

Now to go back to the cooler.... This is my pledge to finish it in the near future. I'll need to post some updated pictures of it, just to prove that I actually did paint it, haha! Sorry, everyone, for my lack of flow. I just can't force creativity. 

By the way, Ecce Romani means "Look, Romans!" Not that exciting, right?


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