200 miles of No Internet Service- What!?

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Living in the mountains is a great experience, but you come across some stranger problems. For instance, when the power or internet goes out, then it's likely that it's happening to everyone within an hour of you too. Today was one of those days. The internet had went out as soon as I got online to check Facebook, brainstorm a blog post, look at cooler ideas... and I was immediately kicked off. After checking around with neighbors and friends, it turns out that the internet had been out for other towns in the WNC area west of Asheville and I ever heard word from a sorority sister that she was out of internet in GA. The lesson learned here is... Storms in the mountains are the real deal. They may not be very intense, but they sure will take out an entire region from having internet. A silly thing to complain about, really, but it amazed me how far this problem reached.


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