Eek! Cooler Repair & Busy Schedule

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I have been filled with tons of ideas for my blog and no time to put them out there... I am so sorry to those of you who have been checking in. I actually really appreciate all of the views that I have seen pop up and new followers despite my lack of posting. Ya'll are amazing.  I've been thinking about putting some photos of my recent crafting to catch up!

So about a year ago, I decided that I wanted to paint a cooler. For some people that probably seems like a crazy, weird idea. Why would anyone want to paint a cooler?? Let's be honest. I am a Greek woman and it is my Greek right to be able to paint whatever I please and make it look fabulous. For others, this is the best idea anyone came up with and you're probably a crafter like me. So anyways, I started to paint a cooler last summer and it was a disaster... I painted it, then realized I couldn't put beer in it because I had my sorority letters on it and according to my chapter's by-laws, we cannot associated alcohol with our letters (don't wear letters and drink kind-of-deal) and that would include having a cooler with my letters and then filling it with beer at tailgate. So that was one flaw I didn't think about. The next was I did not use a good sealant. If you are a crafter or enjoy painting coolers or paddles or whatever, it is important to have a good product to seal your work of art. I used mod podge. Specifically like 6 layers of it. It did not work and when the handle of the cooler was shifted down and hit the sides I had painted, the paint chipped completely. It started to look tacky and awful. All of my designs were ruined. I tried to fix some spots that I had painted black with some black spray paint... it got worse. So now that I have told you how awful it worked out, let me show you some pictures of what I am.... (so for the low quality, I took these with my Galaxy S5)

You see all of that black? Yeah, that's me using spray paint thinking I could just "cover it" problems and flaws and redo and use it like a primer... what was I thinking!?

 This week I made the goal to redo, repair, and get this cooler ready to go to my Washington DC trip next week! It's a big goal but luckily I am off work the rest of the week and next week and my trip is not until Wednesday. This cooler needs to be finished and with coats of whatever I am sealing it down with by Monday so that it can be completely dried and re-coated if needed in time for the trip. I would really like to take a cooler on my trip. So the past couple of days and the next few days, I have/will be working on doing this cooler justice and doing it without cheesy shortcuts... and making it look pretty darn good. I have already sanded it out, put a new primer down, and started repainted it. So far, so good. I'll post some in progress pictures tomorrow with a better camera. 


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