A Night Downtown

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A few days ago, I bought a Sony Alpha a6000 and so far, I am loving it. I'll admit, it is definitely confusing at first since I was so used to the Canon Rebel that my old job used to have for me. (I was a Sports Reporter for a newspaper). However, it is definitely a good change. This little mirrorless camera seems to be great for me since I just wanted a good quality camera for every day photos. I also bought this because I will be going to Washington DC in.... 23 days!  I wanted to be sure to get great photos this time around since I have very few good photos from previous times I've been to DC.

Here's a photo of downtown Sylva, NC that I took tonight. I decided to go for a walk downtown and I was pleased to see how the AI settings worked at night. I plan on seeing many of the monuments in DC during the day AND at night, and night photos have always came out crappy in my experience.

Also, now that I'm going to start doing this blogging thing, I decide to join Bloglovin so I can find others to follow and so others can find me!

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Downtown Sylva, NC
May 12, 2015


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